Intra-articular equine Joint Therapy

Sterile joint injections for both diagnostic and therapeutic reasons are considered standard practices by many equine practitioners. Intra-articular equine joint therapy is a common practice that has increased with availability of newer intra-articular medications. The diagnostic benefit of intra-articular anesthesia - blocking an area of the horse in order to determine where the problem might be - is of enormous value as it enhances the ability of the practitioner to provide accurate diagnosis. Joint injections are also used for therapeutic treatment and maintenance of healthy joints. Common medications include Legend (hyluronic acid), anti-inflammatory drugs (cortico-steroids) and antibiotics. Before starting joint therapy, we will perform a thorough lameness evaluation and work with you to plan your treatment.



Monthly Therapeutic Maintenance

Monthly therapeutic joint maintenance is provided using Legend IV and Adequan IM. Legend treatment is used to maintain joint lubrication and Adequan to protect the cartilage of the joint. Therapeutic maintenance is recommended for performance horses to help prevent joint damage and in horses with existing joint injuries and issues to help maintain optimum joint health.

Pastern Joint Inflammation Therapy

Injecting Hocks in the Performance Horse